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Luapula Province, Zambia. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos. August 2010
17 May 2019

Economic Openness reaches highest level globally

Economic Openness reaches highest level globally, spreading global trade, innovation and prosperity yet many Western countries’ instinct to protect and turn inwards, combined with a wider stagnation in the quality of Governance globally is acting as a brake on Economic Openness and poses a risk to solving social challenges.

17 May 2019

UK to get a new experimental measure of poverty

Social Metrics Commission welcomes Government’s decision to start the process of adopting new official poverty measure. The measure was developed by the Commission and launched in September 2018, after three years of development.

30 April 2019

Ján Kuciak named as the recipient of the Legatum Institute’s Courage in Journalism Award

Investigative journalist was murdered in 2018 aged 27, following his reporting of corruption amongst leading businessmen in Slovakia, and their links with politicians and organised crime.

6 February 2019

The SMC’s new poverty measure voluntarily complies with the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice for Statistics

We are delighted to announce that the Social Metrics Commission has met the high standards for statistical rigour set out in the UK Statistic’s Authority Code of Practice.

16 January 2019

Our CEO gives evidence to Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee on the SMC’s new measure of UK poverty

For too long, much of the political and policy debate on poverty has focussed on whether and how we should measure poverty, rather than the action needed to drive better outcomes for the most disadvantaged in our society.

29 November 2018

2018 Legatum Prosperity Index: Global prosperity rises to highest ever level

Global prosperity rises to highest ever level, but falling safety and security poses major challenges for individuals, communities and nations around the world.

25 November 2018

Adopting a rules-based planning system will help solve the UK housing crisis

A new report published by the Legatum Institute together with Create Streets recommends a move towards a clear rules-based system to standardise planning approvals across the UK and build more and better homes more quickly

24 September 2018

CEE is a region at a cross roads – strategic choices made now will determine future growth

CEE countries’ GDP has risen to levels never before enjoyed, yet the validity of their growth models built on low cost labour is being brought into question; critical challenges of demographics, migration and digital disruption loom ahead.

17 September 2018

Social Metrics Commission launches a new measure of UK poverty

The Social Metrics Report 2018 marks the culmination of two years of sustained work. It outlines a new approach to poverty measurement for the UK and provides original analysis that demonstrates the fundamental changes to our understanding of poverty it creates.

24 July 2018

We must tackle the adolescent mental health crisis now if young people are to fulfil their vast potential

The UK should encourage greater parental involvement, support in schools and community-based networks for young people, drawing on the experience of Iceland, according to a new report by the Legatum Institute