The Legatum Institute’s research seeks to provide leading insights into how individuals, communities, nations, can create their own pathways from poverty to prosperity. Using data from our renowned Centre for Metrics, our research is used by leaders around the world, to shape an agenda for transformation.

Our research programmes

Social Metrics Commission

Dedicated to helping policymakers and the public better understand poverty and tackle it more effectively

Prosperity Index

The Prosperity Index is the only global index that measures national prosperity based on both economic and social wellbeing

Centre for Metrics

The Legatum Institute has created a world-class Centre for Metrics – providing clear, accurate metrics that enable leaders to make clear, accurate decisions

Global People Movements

Our Global People Movements programme seeks to provide the data we need to form an accurate appraisal of the motivations behind these extraordinary journeys, and the risks faced by those undertaking them.

21st Century International Development

Our 21st Century International Development programme seeks to examine how nations succeed, by analysing the varied experiences of developing nations over the past sixty years.

Practical Programmes

Our Practical Programmes identify the actions required to enable transformational change.


Our More Good Homes programme asks what the planning system should look like in 2030 in order to deliver sufficient numbers of affordable homes, creating a new pathway to prosperity, and a new generation of homeowners.

Adolescent Mental Health

Our Adolescent Mental Health programme examines how we can address the rise in mental health problems amongst young people to enable the next generation to flourish

Empowered People

Empowered People have access to what they need to invest in their own wellbeing and that of their communities.

Cultural Transformation

Our Cultural Transformation programme seeks to help our great institutions examine how they can make a greater contribution to the strength, integrity and health of our society.

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