Open Economies

Our work on Open Economies shows the importance of competitive and well-regulated markets in lifting the next 3 billion people out of poverty, by facilitating trade, attracting investment and generating sustainable growth.


Global Index of Economic Openness

The Global Index of Economic Openness aims to provide the international community with a unique tool to identify and tackle economic inequality and market distortion by promoting open markets that drive prosperity.

The world has never been more prosperous and open economies have helped lift billions of people out of poverty in recent decades, however, this growth has not been even and appears to be slowing, presenting the world with fresh challenges across both developing and mature economies.

The Global Index of Economic Openness is led by Dr Stephen Brien and advised by some of the world’s foremost economists and trade experts.

The World Ahead: India and China

The rise of India and China will have profound implications for the rest of our increasingly interconnected world. The anticipated shift in power from West to East will also coincide with rapid, seismic changes in demography and technology which promise to transform today’s international order. These fundamental changes require us to consider our long-term engagement with India and China, and what this means for our current approaches to both nations.

Led by Sir Oliver Letwin, our World Ahead programme will ask not how we ‘deal with’ India and China but rather how we work with them to create a new international architecture that can transform the lives of billions, ending widespread poverty and fostering a new era of stability and prosperity.

Central and Eastern European Prosperity

Over the last the last thirty years the rise in prosperity across Central and Eastern Europe has been truly remarkable. But as convergence with Western Europe has slowed over the last decade, serious questions now loom. The region’s long-term wellbeing is dependent on creating the conditions that develop, attract, and – crucially – retain highly skilled citizens.

Our Central and Eastern European Prosperity programme examines how the region’s nations can rise to this challenge, looking beyond existing partners and technologies to generate the growth and opportunities required to create a pathway to future prosperity